The Pittsburgh Go Association

2016 Spring Tournament

Saturday, May 7th, 2016

Avi Rudich, tournament director
Vincent Zeng, tournament coordinator

Tournament Results

Ranks were adjusted based on this chart.

  • 1st Place: Huanchen Zhang, 3k
  • 2nd Place: Josiah Odhner, 11k
  • 3rd Place: Avi Rudich, 5k
  • 4th Place: Wai Kin Lai, 2d
  • 5th Place: Daniel Steed, 20k; Ronald White, 5k, Owen Kahn, 5k
  • 6th Place: Ford, 7k; Matthew Hecht, 3k; Thomson Yeh, 15k; Bo Yang, 10k; Vincent Zeng, 8k
  • Andrew Chen, 6k (2 wins, 1 loss)
  • Fred Hansen, 1d (2 wins, 1 loss)
  • Ian Glonn, 11k (1 win, 1 loss)
  • Bo He, 1k (1 loss)

Game Records

1 Andrew Chen (6k) Ronald White (5k) 0 Black
1 Avi Rudichi (5k) Bo He (1k) 3 White
1 Wai Kin Lai (2d) Fred Hansen (1d) 0 Black
1 Daniel Stted (20k) Ian Glonn (11k) 5 White
1 Vincent Zeng (8k) Owen Kahn (5k) 2 White
1 Huanchen Zhang (3k) Matthew Hecht (3k) 0 Black
1 Josiah Odhner (11k) Ford (7k) 3 Black
2 Daniel Steed (20k) Thomson Yeh (15k) 5 Black
2 Andrew Chen (6k) Owen Kahn (5k) 0 Black
2 Vincent Zeng (8k) Ronald White (5k) 2 White
2 Huanchen Zhang (3k) Wai Kin Lai (2d) 4 Black
2 Josiah Odhner (11k) Ian Glonn (11k) 0 Black
2 Bo Yang (10k) Avi Rudich (5k) 2 White
2 Matthew Hecht (3k) Fred Hansen (1d) 2 White
3 Daniel Steed (20k) Josiah Odhner (11k) 5 White
3 Ford (7k) Wai Kin Lai (2d) 5 White
3 Ronald White (5k) Fred Hansen (1d) 4 White
3 Avi Rudich (5k) Owen Kahn (5k) 0 Black
3 Andrew Chen (6k) Huanchen Zhang (3k) 2 White
4 Avi Rudich (5k) Wai Kin Lai (2d) 4 Black
4 Josiah Odhner (11k) Huanchen Zhang (3k) 5 White
5 Avi Rudich (5k) Huanchen Zhang (3k) 0 White
6 Josiah Odhner (11k) Huanchen Zhang (3k) 4 White
LL Vincent Zeng (8k) Matthew Hecht (3k) 4 White
LL Thomson Yeh (15k) Bo Yang (10k) ?? ??
LL Ford (7k) Matthew Hecht (3k) 0 Black
LL Matthew Hecht (3k) Wai Kin Lai (2d) 5 White
LL Vincent Zeng (8k) Avi Rudich (5k) 3 White
LL Vincent Zeng (8k) Matthew Hecht (3k) 8 Black


This is an open handicap tournament. Handicaps will be determined by the Tournament Director, based on reported player rank and knowledge of player skill, when known. Handicap will be one stone less than the normal handicap given, up to a maximum of five stones (for example, a 1k vs. 7k match would have 5 stones; a 1k vs 4k would have 2 stones).

Games will be timed using electronic clocks, 30 minutes main time with 5x30 second byo-yomi.

Japanese scoring, 6.5 point komi.


All skill levels and ages are welcome. This tournament is not AGA ranked.